Cardiology Services for Pets

At Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital we have the experts to take care of your pet’s heart. Heart disease can be life-threatening, but early diagnosis and treatment can give your pet longevity. Whether your pet’s condition is acquired or due to genetics we can provide support through surgeries, special diets or with medication.

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How will I know if my pet is having heart problems?

The most common signs you’ll notice are difficulty breathing, fatigue, weight loss or reluctance to do physical activities. When there is a problem with your pet’s heart it makes it difficult for their lungs to function since they are part of the cardiovascular system. This means that sufficient oxygen and nutrients aren’t going where needed. Please call us at 604-591-5304 if you suspect that your pet has heart problems.

How does my pet develop heart disease?

Some cases of heart disease aren’t preventable due to genetics. Other cases are usually due to age and medical conditions. A heartworm infestation can clog the heart and prevent it from doing its function. Your pet’s lifestyle, weight and diet can contribute to them developing heart disease. Cats and dogs can suffer from valvular heart disease (abnormalities in the heart valves), arrhythmias (rhythm disturbances) and heartworm disease.

How is heart disease diagnosed?

We run a series of tests to diagnose heart disease. Our veterinary cardiologist will start with listening to your pet’s heartbeat with a stethoscope, we listen for any murmurs which will sound like whooshing. From there we perform further testing like bloodwork, X-rays, ultrasounds and electrocardiogram (ECG) to accurately diagnose heart problems. If our tests detect anything irregular our team will create a treatment plan for your pet’s condition. 

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