Dermatology Services for Pets

Dermatological issues are very common in pets. In cats and dogs skin issues are usually caused by parasites, hormonal disorders, allergies or infections. These problems are very uncomfortable and need to be treated by a veterinarian for lasting effect.

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What skin issues do pets suffer from?

Most of the skin problems your pet suffers from are very similar to the conditions that humans experience. Your loyal companion may have alopecia, acne, yeast infection, dandruff, allergic reaction or parasitic infections.

What skin issues should I look for?

You should be concerned about your pet’s skin if you notice the following:

  • Bald patches
  • Scratching excessively
  • Lumps and bumps on their skin
  • Flakey skin
  • Blisters on their body
  • Smelly fur

The internet may offer easy fixes for these problems but only a veterinarian can properly treat them. Our team can properly inspect your pet’s nails, paw, skin and fur. We run diagnostics such as bloodwork, urinalysis, skin scrapings and biopsies to get to the root cause of your pet’s symptoms and provide treatment. Please contact us 604-591-5304 if you suspect your pet has skin problems.

How can I care for my pet’s skin?

Good hygiene is one of the first steps to ensuring your pet’s skin stays healthy. Your pet should be groomed at home and professionally to prevent matting. This also gives you the opportunity to inspect your pet’s coat and skin. Since parasites like fleas and ticks can irritate the skin, pets should also be given parasite preventative medication. 

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