Microchipping Services for Pets

A microchip is a reliable form of identification for your pet. You never want to imagine your furry friend getting lost but it can happen at any time. This is why it’s better to be prepared. Pets without microchips can end up in overpopulated shelters where they may be adopted or euthanized. We recommend microchipping to get reunited with your lost pet sooner than later. Please contact us at 604-591-5304 to book an appointment to microchip your pet.

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How exactly will I be reunited with my pet?

To be reunited with your lost pet, they have to be found and brought to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter where a technician will check for a microchip. At the shelter or clinic a special scanner will pick up the microchip’s ID number. The clinic will call the microchip’s manufacturer to retrieve the pet owner’s information, then you will be contacted. Contact information in the chip should be updated right away whenever you move homes or change phone numbers.

Are microchips the only ID my pet needs?

There are other forms of identification your pet may need like tags and collars. Pets with current contact information on their tags and collars are less likely to end up in shelters. These forms of ID have a disadvantage because they can be removed or fall off. We recommend having a permanent ID along with physical tags and collars. With microchips their ID is always on their body and it never needs to be changed or replaced.

Will microchips hurt my pet?

Implanting a microchip is a pain-free and quick procedure. We use a needle to insert the chip beneath the skin. Most pets respond well to the procedure so we don’t use anesthesia. At most your pet will feel a pinch similar to when they get injections. To minimize your visits we can perform microchipping when your pet is having other procedures such as surgery. 

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