Dr. Linda Schild


Dr. Linda Schild was the previous owner of Kennedy Heights Animal & Bird Hospital for about 30 years. She takes pride in a practice that focuses on high-quality patient care, up-to-date medicine and techniques, and developing bonds with our clients. At the heart of the practice is her belief that pets should be treated as members of the family, with dignity and compassion, through all stages of their lives. Teasingly referred to as the “Energizer Bunny” by her staff for her endless vivacity and enthusiasm, Dr. Schild is a constant source of drive in the practice. She enjoys working in a small animal practice that gives her the opportunity to care for a wide variety of animals, including ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs, rabbits, reptiles, birds, cats and dogs. She embraces all areas of her job, from educating a client with a new puppy to preventive medicine, to diagnostics and treatment.

She shares her home with her husband and they have two grown daughters. In her spare time, Dr. Schild enjoys skiing, swimming, cycling, reading, and spending time with her family. The challenge of making her practice all that it can be keeps our energizer bunny going, and her team is always excited to see what she has planned for the practice next!